Business Insider is a great website to keep up with all the news in the world of finance. All the big announcements are covered quickly and if you sign up for their emails you can get all sorts of alerts to let you know what's ahead during the day and how the day went when it's over.

Daily FX is a great site to find out when all the big upcoming announcements are scheduled. It lists every announcement, rates it's importance, and even has a countdown clock to the really important ones like the monthly U.S. jobs report.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is another important website to keep up on what's happening with commodities. It sets the times and the prices, so it is very useful to keep a bookmark to it's Holiday Calendar so you know which days the market is closed and more importantly, what time does it close when the markets close early.

Firetip is an inexpensive trading platform that is very easy to use. It is available for free with just the basics needed for trading and only costs $49 a month for all their features which will be needed once you get more involved in day trading.

Investopedia is an excellent resource for when you come across any terms that you haven't heard before or don't understand. It has an extensive dictionary to go along with the latest economic news and market data.

Ironbeam is a brokerage where you can open a trading account and download a trading platform to make trades including Firetip. It has some of the lowest trading fees and access to most exchanges so that you can trade almost any commodity.

This site has a link to a live stream of CNBC so that you can have a side window open in case there is a big annoucement coming that you want to hear about like the monthly jobs report on the first Friday of every month.

Here is an online stopwatch that repeats so that you can have a timer go off every five minutes to let you know that a bar is closing on the five minute chart and that you should be ready to make a trade. I set mine to go off 30 seconds before the bar closes so that I have some time to check for signals and then know in advance where I want my stop order to be placed.

You can follow me on Twitter where I post notices of trades and screenshots of the trade so you can see exactly where and why I entered the trade.

You can also connect with me on Facebook where I post screenshots of some of the trades of the day and you are welcome to post yours as well.

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