Start Trading Commodities Today

The goal of this website is to share some knowledge from everything I have learned from the last nine years of day trading. I have put all this information together so that anyone who is interested in trading commodities can learn everything they need in order to be up and trading in no time at all. I will tell you all the things that I wish I had known when I first started trading so that hopefully you won't have to make any of the same mistakes that I did in the beginning. I will explain all of the basics that are needed in order to understand how to trade commodities and tell you all the resources I use in order to help me trade effectively.

I also post screenshots of trades in my Trade of the Day so that you can see the signals that I look for when making a trade. From them you will probably be able to understand what signals I am looking for and be able to put them to use for yourself. You can also connect with me on Twitter and Facebook where I post alerts, information on important announcements and screenshots of trades I am making.

The information I've gathered is for anyone from beginners who are newly interested in day trading commodities, to people who already know how to trade but are looking for advice on where to find the least expensive trading platform with the lowest trading fees to advanced techniques with specific details on a trading system.

One of the biggest lessons I will show you is that you don't need to have $20,000 or $10,000 or even $5,000 to open a trading account. I'll tell you exactly how to go about opening a trading account for as little as one to two thousand dollars. Even better still I will show you how to get access to a demo trading account that is the exact same program that I use for actual day trading that is free for you to use for two weeks with only an email address, no deposit required.

If you already have a trading account you may be paying more than you need to in your monthly fee for the platform you are using to trade. Additionally, the fees that you are being charged to execute each individual trade may be much more that what a different company charges. I will tell you what company I use that has saved me over $100 on each and every trade I've made compared to the company I was with when I first started trading.

A lot of books and programs that I've looked at teach you all the basics to start trading and then expand on that with information on charting patterns but don't give you specific details on the signals they use in their trading system. I will show you exactly what signals I look for in order to enter a trade and more importantly, from there I will explain what rules I have come up with that let you know when to take a profit and where you should have a stop in case of a loss.

I will also show you what I've learned about when to trade certain commodities and where to find the information you need to know for when the markets will spike and how to trade those spikes to make money very quickly. I'm not promising a get rich quick scheme to make tons of money overnight. I will show the real world techniques that I have developed over time to make consistantly profitable trades. From there it is up to you to take what you've learned and develop your own system that works best for you. The great thing is that once you have a reliable trading system of your own that you are profiting from, you will see that it is scalable and from that point on, it really is up to you how much money you want to make.

I've gathered sceenshots of trades with detailed explantions and posted them in the Trade of the Day section. Under Trading Tips I go over the information you need to start trading commodities, the techniques that are used to make trades and the specific signals and rules that I use to make trades. The Resources section is where I've put together all the outside links and tools that I use to assist me in making trades. In my Blog I post alerts about upcoming announcements or events, along with posting screenshots of my trades. Feel free to email me in the Contact section with any thoughts or questions you have about trades or feedback on what you like about the site or what you would like to see.

Ok, thanks a lot for taking the time to look over my site and I hope you find it useful in helping you to make profitable trades.