Trade of the Day

Today’s trade is for an Oil Sept. Contract buy order from a price of 69.02.  If a trend is moving up as denoted by the Blue Moving Average rising ahead of the Red Moving Average then it is always prudent to look for a signal to buy the market.  There is also the added support of the Parabolic SAR triangles to go along with the natural support level of even dollars in the Oil market.  The highlighted green bar touches the Parabolic SAR and it has the same high as it’s previous bar, so a buy stop would be placed one tic above the top.  Since the price immediately swung for a $200 profit it would be wise to move your stop loss up to around the 69.10 to lock in some profit and wait as the price moves towards the Moving Averages.  As that happens, you can see that a Flag pattern is emerging as denoted by the yellow wedge, which can often signal the halfway point of a move.  Once that wedge is broken then you should move your stop loss to the bottom of each green bar as it closes, until it’s under the red bar that reversed the trend to get stopped out at 69.47.  Alternatively, you could have had a sell limit order 20 minutes earlier at the natural resistance of the half dollar at 69.50 for a profit of at least $450.